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GN Labs makes an unflavored bulk arginine product with a lot of servings

Gn Labs Nano Pure Arginine Hcl

Gigas Nutrition’s house brand GN Labs is full of advanced sports nutrition supplements as well as simple single-ingredient products, the latter of which it has another one of to share this week. The ever-expanding brand has released Nano Pure Arginine HCl, and like most straightforward supplements out there, it is named after its one and only main ingredient.

GN Labs Nano Pure Arginine HCl is a bulk tub of unflavored arginine HCl powder with a volume of 500g. You can divide that up however you like, whether it be 250 servings at 2g or 500 servings at a gram, although the product does come with a scoop that precisely provides 3g. With Nano Pure Arginine HCl being such a simple supplement, it is not all that expensive, coming in at €24.90 (26.31 USD) from Gigas Nutrition.

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