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Hardcore Stim gets a triple pack that drops the HTLT pre-workout to $33.33 each

Htlt Hardcore Stim Triple Pack

To further celebrate the release of its more intense, high-stimulant pre-workout appropriately named Hardcore Stim, Greg Doucette’s brand HTLT is running a sale. The supplement only just dropped over the weekend, and for those that missed it, the brand has truly put together a stimulant-heavy pre-workout packed with caffeine, DMAE, eria jarenesis, PEA, and alpha-GPC.

The price of a single tub of HTLT’s Hardcore Stim is $49.99, and that’ll get you 20 full servings, enough to last a whole month if you use it once every workout and train five times a week. The deal the growing brand has available doesn’t discount a single tub; instead, it drastically lowers the price if you stock up or get together with some friends and purchase a triple pack.

The offer on three tubs of HTLT’s hardest-hitting pre-workout is buy two and get a third one free, meaning you pay for two tubs at $49.99 each or a combined $99.99, and the brand will throw a third in free. That promotion brings Hardcore Stim down to $33.33 each, and while that is strong and doesn’t seem to be a limited-time thing, you’ll still may not want to wait around.