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Legion continues to grow its already extensive lineup of flavors for Pulse

Legion Strawberry Margarita Pulse

Legion is certainly frequent with flavor additions, and this week the brand has another for the already expansive menu of its premier pre-workout Pulse. For those in need of a quick refresher, the Pulse formula packs a solid 8g citrulline and 3.6g beta-alanine per serving, with a strong 350mg caffeine for energy. As mentioned, the brand already had no shortage of options for Pulse, with well over ten tastes to choose from.

The latest flavor Legion has launched this week is Strawberry Margarita and is the first cocktail-inspired flavor for the supplement. The all-new Strawberry Margarita is now available for purchase directly from the brand’s website at $39.99 for a full-size tub of 21 servings. There are also all of the usual subscription options and discount where you can sign up to receive a tub every 30, 60 or 90 days for an additional 10% off.