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Like A Pro also puts solid dosages of KSM-66 and Paradoxine in its stimulant-free sequel

Like A Pro Anytime Burn V2

Jeff Long’s increasingly popular and reputable brand, Like A Pro Supplements, recently announced it would be coming out with a refreshed version of its stimulant-free fat burner Anytime Burn. The product appropriately named Anytime Burn V2 has a never-before-seen 1.5g daily dose of Mitoburn, and now we can confirm the rest of its formula.

Like A Pro Supplements’ Anytime Burn V2 is a full-on premium ingredient weight loss product with that hefty dose of Mitoburn alongside another solid component with 600mg of the multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha. Next is 50mg of Paradoxine branded grains of paradise, and to improve absorption of the supplement, 50mg of the proven and ever-reliable AstraGin.

Like A Pro Anytime Burn V2 Label

You don’t get as many ingredients in Anytime Burn V2, although keep in mind this isn’t Like A Pro Supplements’ main competitor in the category; that responsibility falls on the stimulant-fueled Burn Away. Anytime Burn can actually be stacked with Burn Away for even better weight loss results, although Anytime Burn can be taken on its own to enhance thermogenesis, and metabolism, reduce stress, and improve overall fat burning.

Like A Pro Supplements has said its promising sequel Anytime Burn V2 is about two weeks away from being available, putting it out there somewhere within the first week of June. You’ll be able to grab it first directly from the brand through its online store at a, and if it’s like the original, you’ll be looking at $69.99 a bottle.