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Misfits fills the wrapper with eye-catching color in the rebrand of its protein bar

Misfits Plant Protein Bar Rebrand

The plant-based protein brand Misfits, over in the UK, has given its very popular flagship protein snack, the Misfits Protein Bar, a completely new look, and it definitely stands out. The brand already had a colorful, eye-catching design to its products and even better marketing, really driving home the various tastes, textures, and features of the many different flavors of its protein bar.

You can see what the refreshed Misfits Protein Bar looks like in the image above, with a handful of its plant-based flavors wearing it. Much like the previous branding, Misfits’ new look changes the design’s primary color from flavor to flavor; for example, Speculoos is covered in red and Caramel in purple. It does certainly stand out all while still communicating a lot of the same details and information, including the Misfits’ name, flavor, and nutrition highlights.

As far as we know, the only change in the rebrand of the Misfits Protein Bar is the branding, with everything on the inside, from taste and texture through to ingredients and macros, remaining the same. You can get a closer look at the rebrand of Misfits’ well-known snack on its website and purchase it in that updated label design.

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