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Hustle energy drink from NPL gets a spin-off infused with 2.5g of BCAAs

Npl Hustle Bcaa Energy Drink

South African sports nutrition company NPL entered the competitive energy beverage space in 2021, introducing its edgy branded Hustle energy drink. The product doesn’t stick with typical ingredients, taking that more advanced approach we’ve seen from other supplement brands, combining B vitamins, electrolytes, a gram of taurine, theanine, 100mg of tyrosine, 300mg of alpha-GPC, and 150mg of caffeine.

NPL has now come out with an expansion on its Hustle energy drink, putting together a spin-off in the same format, with Hustle BCAA. The brand has said it packs all of the energy you get in the original Hustle beverage, and by that, it means it also features taurine but at a lighter dose of half a gram per can, B vitamins, and it has the same amount of energizing caffeine at 150mg.

The other obvious feature of NPL’s Hustle BCAA energy drink is in the name with BCAAs, included to support muscle protein synthesis and recovery and at a transparent dose of 2.5g per can. The product is like the regular Hustle beverage and keeps it clean with zero sugar and carbohydrates, and it is available now in South Africa, including the brand’s website, in two flavors, Bubble Fruit and Candy Berry.