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Obvi teases what looks to be an all-new Collagenic Burn without caffeine

Obvi Caffeine Free Collagenic Burn

Two years ago, the lifestyle brand and Brand Of The Year for 2021, Obvi, released its twist on a fat-burning supplement with Collagenic Burn. The product combines a variety of collagen sources to provide five different types and some common weight loss ingredients. The brand has shared a teaser image this week that hints at the idea of Obvi coming out with either a replacement or sequel of Collagenic Burn.

In the teaser is a product that has most of its details clouded, so you can’t really see too much. If you look closely, however, the words “caffeine-free” are in there, something that the original hybrid fat burner was not. That would lead us to believe Obvi is coming out with a caffeine-free version of Collagenic Burn, although there are some other bits of information that have us thinking it’s a lot more than that.

Another detail in the teaser looks like confirmation of 6g of bovine collagen in the upcoming Collagenic Burn, not the variety of sources you get in the original. Some of the other dosages that are slightly visible in the brand’s sneak peek also don’t quite match up with the first iteration of Collagenic Burn, suggesting this version will be a complete overhaul with similar goals but a very different set of ingredients.

At the moment, we are just speculating based on what Obvi has included in its seemingly reformulated caffeine-free Collagenic Burn; however, no matter how you look at it, it’s clear we’re getting a revamped Collagenic Burn. Obvi is known to move reasonably quickly, so even though it’s only teasing the new Collagenic Burn for now, we imagine it’ll go from sneak peek to full release sooner rather than later.

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