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Beverage version of I Am F*cked Up takes a more anytime energy approach

I Am Fucked Up Energy Drink

Swedish Supplements has revealed more information about the all-new, upcoming spin-off of its reputable stimulant pre-workout I Am Fucked with the I Am Fucked Up energy drink. The obviously Sweden-based brand has shared details on what kind of ingredients we’re getting in the product, one of its flavors, and an image of what it’ll look like, which you can see above.

The I Am Fucked Up energy drink is going to continue the devious clown graphic used on Swedish Supplements’ original pre-workout, but it won’t have that same comprehensive pre-workout formula. The brand has gone for a simpler, more anytime energy combination of ingredients in the beverage, with B vitamins, carnitine, yerba mate, ginseng, green tea, and black pepper.

Swedish Supplements has kept the caffeine fairly typical for a beverage in the I Am Fucked Up energy drink at 200mg, versus the pre-workout packing 50% more than that at 300mg in its maximum serving. The product will be sugar-free, keeping the calories to a minimum, and the one flavor the brand has named so far is Raspberry, although we suspect there may be more.

As far as we can tell, Swedish Supplements’ I Am Fucked Up energy drink is not available for purchase yet in its home country of Sweden; however, with all of the mentions and hype over the past week, it certainly sounds like fans will be able to find it in stores and on shelves shortly.