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Primeval announces its stimulant-free premium pre-workout Ape Sh*t Max Pump

Primeval Labs Ape Shit Max Pump

Ape Sh*t Max is a still upcoming pre-workout from Primeval Labs, intended to be the brand’s premium competitor in the highly competitive category with a comprehensive, packed-out formula. The brand has now unveiled Ape Sh*t Max Pump, which is another premium pre-workout, similar to Ape Sh*t Max, although this one doesn’t have any stimulants.

Primeval Labs has actually formulated Ape Sh*t Max Pump with a lot of the same key ingredients as Ape Sh*t Max, carrying over most of its pump and performance-enhancing components. Like Ape Sh*t Max, Ape Sh*t Max Pump has 6g of the premium 3D Pump blend, 2.5g of betaine, 3.2g of beta-alanine, 2g each of taurine and tyrosine, 150mg of elevATP, 100mg fo S7, and a full 1.5g of the premium pump-powering Nitrosigine.

Primeval Labs Ape Shit Max Pump Label

It is the few other ingredients Ape Sh*t Max Pump has that separates it from Ape Sh*t Max as instead of TeaCrine, caffeine, and choline bitartrate, Primeval Labs’ stimulant-free pre-workout has 300mg of grape seed, 600mg of AlphaSize alpha-GPC, and 1.5g of agmatine. The brand has simply swapped the stimulants for even more pumps in Ape Sh*t Max Pump, which is, of course, perfectly suited to the name that it has.

As mentioned, Primeval Labs unveiled Ape Sh*t Max back in February, and it has still yet to be made available. The announcement of Ape Sh*t Max Pump, however, has come with a rough timeframe, as the brand has said this will arrive somewhere in June alongside the long-awaited Ape Sh*t Max. The brand has said it was stepping things up in 2022, and with two premium pre-workouts about to drop, it is doing just that.