Refreshing Green Crush flavor coming to Raw and CBUM’s Thavage next Wednesday

Raw Nutrition Green Crush Thavage

A few days ago, Raw Nutrition announced the third flavor for its stimulant-free pump-enhancing supplement, Raw Pump. Today, the brand is back with another flavor drop for the ever-popular Chris Bumstead pre-workout, Thavage. The all-new cucumber-based Green Crush is the fourth flavor installment for this supplement, with the other three being Blackberry Lemonade, Rocket Candy, and the intriguing 3 Peat.

Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead already tweaked the formula for Thavage earlier this year and have done it once again since then but a smaller change, keeping everything the same but swapping its NO3-T arginine nitrate for a full 1.5g of another premium pump ingredient in Nitrosigine. The new Green Crush flavor is set to drop Wednesday of next week and will be available for purchase through Raw Nutrition’s website at $49.99 for a full-size tub.