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RAZE reveals its rebranded version of REPP’s original Broken Arrow pre-workout

Raze Broken Arrow

Last week we posted about RAZE becoming a lot more than the name of REPP Sports’ original, popular, and Clash Of The Cans winning RAZE Energy drink. RAZE is becoming a fully-fledged sports nutrition brand in 2022, combining its family of RAZE Energy, the RAZE Energy spin-offs, and functional products, with rebranded supplements from REPP Sports and some entirely new formulas.

RAZE has followed that news with the first look at one of those original REPP Sports products rebranded under RAZE, with an alternative version of the pre-workout Broken Arrow. REPP introduced its hard-hitting, stimulant-powered pre-workout way back in 2017, and while it will be one of the many supplements transitioning to RAZE, it is expected to remain a strong and competitive pre-workout.

As a RAZE product, the brand will be giving it similar treatment to its other, already available supplements like RAZE Hydration and RAZE Pre-Workout, and launching its Broken Arrow in flavors to match its frequent limited RAZE Energy drinks. You’ll see that in one of the first flavors of RAZE’s Broken Arrow, as it is going to debut in the recently revealed RAZE Energy drink flavor, Lemon Italian Ice.

To add to the excitement of RAZE becoming a robust sports nutrition brand as well as a popular competitor in the energy drink space, it has set an exact date you’ll be able to purchase its version of Broken Arrow. The pre-workout will be available in precisely three weeks on Tuesday the 24th of this month, where no doubt, you’ll be able to get it with some sort of discount or bundle deal.