Redcon1’s gaming supplement is getting its first new flavor since its 2020 launch

Redcon1 Bubble Gum War Games

About a year and a half ago, the two-time Brand Of The Year Redcon1 got itself into the now even more popular gaming supplement category with its energy and focus-enhancing War Games. It comes with several key ingredients to support those benefits, with the likes of tyrosine at half a gram, 100mg of bacopa, the powerful and premium pair of TeaCrine and Dynamine, and a reasonably low amount of natural caffeine at 67mg.

Since Redcon1 released War Games, it has actually only been available in the same three flavors with PvPunch, RGB-Fuel, and Peach Power-Up. This year the brand is finally expanding that lineup and is getting ready to give the gaming product its first-ever flavor extension. Coming soon from the giant supplement company is a sweet-sounding Bubble Gum, which currently has the classic vague release timeframe of “coming soon”.

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