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Redcon1 puts out a second round of questions regarding its upcoming energy drink

Redcon1 Energy Drink

The energy drink category has become an absolute beast these past few years, especially from the sports nutrition side of the supplement industry, as many brands have put something together for it. You may remember near the end of last year, Redcon1 put out a questionnaire asking fans what they would like to see if it came out with a carbonated beverage, which is something we’ve been waiting for from the giant.

In that questionnaire, Redcon1 asked things like what situation you would use an energy drink in, how you rate some of the established names out there like Monster and C4 Energy, and what features you want to see. The two-time Brand Of The Year has just dropped a second round of questions regarding the same topic, although this time, it goes into more detail about what you’d like in a Redcon1 energy drink and how you’d use it.

In the quick two-minute questionnaire now available through this link here, Redcon1 asks about your energy drink habits, as to how often you have one, where and how you buy them, the amount of caffeine you like from 100 up to 300mg, and is it something you’d use before a workout. As mentioned, these are more detailed questions, seemingly trying to gauge whether the brand should take an anytime energy approach or a more advanced pre-workout style.

While this still isn’t any kind of reveal or concrete information about Redcon1’s long-awaited energy drink debut, it definitely sounds like the brand is moving along and getting closer to coming out with one. Being the supplement company that it is and the size it has grown to, we have been expecting something for the category from Redcon1 since many others jumped in, and it’s looking like that finally may not be too far away.

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