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Canada’s Savage Line unveils its more robust and higher energy pre-workout

Savage Line Labs Pre Workout

The Canadian company, Savage Line Labs, has revealed an all-new competitor for the mainstream pre-workout category, and it is separate from its current entry in the space, TKO V2. The brand has decided to name its latest supplement after the category in Savage Line Pre-Workout, and it is equally balanced and well-rounded as the already available TKO V2.

Savage Line Labs has designed the Savage Line Pre-Workout to support all of the usual core pre-workout benefits, including increased energy and mental focus, and improved pumps and performance. There are several ingredients similar from TKO V2 to the simply named Pre-Workout, although, on paper, the new product does look like a more robust experience in the gym.

Some of the highlights and differences from TKO V2 to Savage Line Pre-Workout include the addition of TeaCrine and choline for focus, and a lot more caffeine going from 200mg in TKO V2 to a combined 400mg from anhydrous and Infinergy. Savage Line Pre-Workout also has the premium and reliable CarnoSyn beta-alanine at 1.6g for performance and a solid 5g of pure citrulline for pumps.

The latest Savage Line Labs supplement should give the brand a stronger presence in the fierce pre-workout category and be an improved experience from TKO V2, especially with that heightened dose of caffeine. The product is launching in the brand’s home country of Canada in tubs of 30 full servings in four flavors, including Maui Wowie Fruit and King Louis Peach.