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Scitec takes out the caffeine sources for its No-Stim spin-off of Hot Blood

Scitec Nutrition Hot Blood No Stim

Major European sports nutrition company Scitec Nutrition has released an alternative option for one of its longer-running supplements, in the stimulant-powered pre-workout Hot Blood. The product has seen many versions over the several years it’s been available on the market, although none we can recall being quite like this one with an energyless, stimulant-free spin-off, appropriately named Hot Blood No-Stim.

Scitec Nutrition’s Hot Blood No-Stim is essentially like Hot Blood Hardcore, the current version of the stimulant pre-workout, but, of course, without any of the stimulants. It still has a precise 3g of creatine from tried and true creatine monohydrate per serving, and a 101mg blend of nootropics to support focus, but all of its caffeine sources have been removed in guarana, green tea extract, and the usual caffeine anhydrous.

Again, everything else has been carried over from Hardcore for Scitec Nutrition’s Hot Blood No-Stim, continuing its support for performance, strength, pumps, and focus. To make it an easy transition, the brand offers its stimulantless version of Hot Blood in a few flavors with Orange Juice, Tropical Punch, and Watermelon, and it costs a bit more than Hardcore at £24.21 but with 30 servings instead of 28.