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SkinnyDipped turns strawberry lemonade into a flavor of thin-dipped almonds

Skinnydipped Strawberry Lemonade Almonds

If you’re a fan of the healthy snack brand SkinnyDipped, known for its delicious coated nuts, you’ll be pleased to know it has put together something special for the sunny summer season. The functional food company has gone well beyond traditional tastes over the years, and its latest creation shows that once again as it turns a familiar beverage into a yogurt-coated almond snack.

Now available from SkinnyDipped in its Amazon store is an intriguing Strawberry Lemonade flavor of its hugely popular, thin-dipped almonds. The product lightly covers almonds in a sweet yogurt made with cane sugar; then, on top of that, you get a tasty mix of strawberry and raspberry powder. The macros on the flavor are 9g of fat, 3g of protein, 14g of carbohydrates, and 140 calories.

As mentioned, SkinnyDipped’s new Strawberry Lemonade flavor is available over on Amazon at $19.09 for a box of five bags, or spend $9.49 and get the Beach Don’t Kill Me Vibe Bundle which comes with the new flavor, Lemon Bliss Almonds, stickers, and a bag. It is also well worth noting, that the Strawberry Lemonade SkinnyDipped almonds are only around for a limited time.