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G Fuel is bringing its Twitch collaboration flavor out of the vault

Sour Pixel Potion G Fuel Returning

Occasionally the king of the gaming category G Fuel “vaults” flavors of its flagship product, the energy and focus supporting powder formula self-titled G Fuel. It’s sort of like a flavor being discontinued, although not quite, as it means it is no longer available for purchase, but it leaves the possibility of the brand deciding to unvault the product and bring it back.

This week G Fuel has announced one of those unvaultings, where it is resurrecting one of the many special edition collaboration flavors launched back in 2019. The returning product is the grape-themed Sour Pixel Potion flavor of the G Fuel supplement, put together in partnership with the streaming giant Twitch, and it will have that same sour grape taste.

The resurrected Sour Pixel Potion G Fuel will be available once again through in about one week on Wednesday of next week, presumably at the brand’s usual 40 serving tub price of $35.99.

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