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Supersonic Freak arrives as a single capsule product for energy and focus

Pharmafreak Supersonic Freak Capsules

Supersonic Freak is a unique bundled supplement from PharmaFreak that combines two products into the one box set with a powder formula for pumps and performance, and a separate capsule formula for energy and focus. The idea was you could combine them together for a comprehensive pre-workout experience, scale the servings to your liking, or just have one of the two for something simpler.

PharmaFreak’s long-awaited Supersonic Freak has officially launched, although the brand has decided not to go the bundle route and simply sell the capsules built for energy and focus, by itself. If you visit the PharmaFreak online store, you can grab the Supersonic Freak capsule supplement at $27.29 for a bottle of 40 single capsule servings, however, if you scale the serving, it will obviously lead to less than 40.

The formula powering PharmaFreak’s Supersonic Freak capsule product keeps it to the point with two ingredients for energy and another two to support mental focus. On the energy side, you get 150mg of caffeine and 150mg of the premium stimulant EnXtra, then for focus, the brand has thrown in 150mg of alpha-GPC and 50mg of SunTheanine, and again, you can scale the serving to your liking.