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Vital Performance drops collagen for the capsule version of its sleep supplement

Vital Performance Sleep Capsules

Vital Proteins’ is known heavily for its collagen supplements, which it recently expanded in a big way with Vital Proteins Professional, although it does have a growing sports nutrition side in Vital Performance. That is the brand’s selection of product types we’re more used to, such as a protein powder, protein bar, pre-workout, recovery formula, and sleep aid.

Vital Performance recently took one of its already available supplements and introduced it in an alternative format with the simply named “Sleep”, now available in both flavored powder and capsules. The powder is the original format of Vital Performance Sleep, designed to help you get a better night’s sleep, and with three fruit-infused flavors to choose from.

Vital Performance Sleep Capsules Label

The all-new Vital Performance Sleep capsules aim to provide a similar experience and results to the powder, although it doesn’t have as many active ingredients. The product still has some key vitamins and minerals, and the same dosages of the sleep supporting ingredients GABA, theanine, 5-HTP, and tryptophan; however, it is missing mustard seed extract and that signature Vital Proteins’ component, collagen, included at 10g in the original Sleep.

It is worth noting while Vitamin Performance’s Sleep capsules don’t have the variety of ingredients you get in the flavored version, you do get more servings at 30 per bottle versus 20. It is also quite a bit cheaper with the brand selling the nighttime supplement at $24.99 before any discount or coupon, whereas the powder Sleep is just over $10 more at $35.99.

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