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Weider unveils its premium hydration product featuring electrolytes, Covico and Glutapep

Weider Premium Hydration Mix

Dedicated hydration supplements have become a bit of a trend, with many brands out there now offering a separate product formulated entirely to support and improve hydration. The movement isn’t limited to North America either; many international competitors have jumped on the growing category, which is what European brand Weider has gone and done.

Available soon from Weider is Premium Hydration Electrolyte Mix, a name that describes precisely what the supplement has been designed to do, and that is to support hydration with a blend of electrolytes. The brand hasn’t left it at just electrolytes in the product either; it’s also included half a gram of taurine in every serving, a hefty 2g of Covico coconut water, 300mg of Glutapep, and the reliable absorption enhancer AstraGin at 25mg.

Weider Premium Hydration Mix Label

Weider has taken the popular packaging approach with its electrolyte supplement Premium Hydration Electrolyte Mix and put each serving into stick packs with ten of those in every box. It looks like there will be just one flavor available for the product when it rolls out in Europe in the coming week or so with the refreshing fruity recipe Orange Passionfruit.