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Highly-anticipated Ecdyturk Pro from MAN Sports is dropping this Thursday

8 months ago
Man Sports Ecdyturk Pro

Turkesterone-based or turkesterone-featuring muscle-building supplements have certainly become a trend, with many different brands coming out with something along those lines. One of the bigger names in the sports nutrition industry to announce a turk product is MAN Sports, which unveiled Ecdyturk Pro in March, and this week it is finally going to become available.

For those that have been eagerly awaiting the launch of MAN Sports Ecdyturk Pro, featuring a gram each of ajuga turkestanica providing 10% turkesterone and ecdysterone, the wait is over this Thursday. On that day, you’ll be able to purchase the promising “Dual-Sterone” supplement directly from the brand through its online store over at in bottles of 30 servings.

We’re not sure of the price of Ecdyturk Pro, but we’re guessing it’ll be around 60 to $70, although knowing MAN Sports, there will be some sort of bundle deal where you can save by grabbing multiple bottles. You’ll also want to get in as soon as the muscle-building supplement is live, as the brand is saying it has a limited amount, and its releases are known to go quickly.