5% Nutrition puts a solid 1.2g into its turkesterone product plus ecdysterone

5 Percent Nutrition Turkesterone 1200

5% Nutrition is the latest supplement company to jump on the growing trend of turkesterone-based muscle-building products, introducing its competitor, Turkesterone 1200. 5% Nutrition’s Turkesterone 1200 gets its name from the fact that it has 1,200mg of the turkesterone source, ajuga turkestanica, in each of its 30 servings per bottle, which is 20% more per daily dose than the majority of turkesterone supplements out there.

While that is a solid amount of the muscle strength and size-building component, 5% Nutrition hasn’t stopped at just the title ingredient in Turkesterone 1200. The brand has also included 100mg of ecdysterone, another increasingly popular muscle-building feature, and to ramp up the absorption of those key ingredients, 5% Nutrition has added 15mg of cyclodextrin, 10mg of naringin, and 25mg of premium and reliable AstraGin.

The regular price of Turkesterone 1200 through 5% Nutrition’s online store is $69.99, which is a bit more than other turkesterone products, although rightfully so with all of those additional features thrown in the formula. It is currently not in stock but available for pre-order, and if you get in early and secure yourself a bottle, the brand will give you a bonus 10% discount, bringing the stackable muscle-building supplement down to $62.99.