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Absolute gets a little more creative in the flavors of its second Alpha Series protein

Absolute Nutrition Alpha Series Legender Whey

India’s Absolute Nutrition has released an all-new protein powder under its Alpha Series named Legender Whey, similar but separate from its original Alpha Series Whey. Legender Whey is a supplement that gets its 22g of protein from a blend of whey isolate and concentrate, the same two sources the other whey-based Alpha Series protein powder relies on.

Where Absolute Nutrition’s Legender Whey and the regular Alpha Series Whey separate is the new product has various fruit extracts in the formula as well as the premium enzyme blend DigeZyme to improve digestion. The supplement also appears to differentiate on flavor experience, with some of the five options on its menu saying they have inclusions; for example, Chocolate Peanut Butter features actual crunchy peanut chips.

There are five flavors available for Absolute Nutrition’s Alpha Series Legender Whey to start in Moist Chocolate, an intriguing Cashew Saffron Pistachio, PiƱa Colada, Watermelon Lemon, and the aforementioned, Chocolate Peanut Butter. The product and its strong menu are now available in India in two traditional sizes, a 1kg tub and a more cost-effective 2kg.