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Standalone CLA supplement the latest addition to the growing Alpha Supps

Alpha Supps Alpha Cla

Alpha Supps has a new simple supplement out this month, and like most basic, essential style products, it says what it’s all about right in its name with Alpha CLA. The latest from the brand is, of course, a CLA-based supplement, relying on its title ingredient to support weight loss, and with CLA being its one and only component, it can easily stack with other products aimed at supporting that same goal.

The dose of CLA Alpha Supps has put into Alpha CLA is fairly typical in a one-gram CLA complex, with safflower oil being the source of the main ingredient. This isn’t the first standalone supplement we’ve seen from the brand; it has others, including Alpha Creatine and Alpha Turk. The price of Alpha CLA is on the lower end, with the Alpha Supps website selling it at $27.99 for a bottle of 90 softgels.

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