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Buy a can of Baja Blast MTN DEW Energy and be in to win one of several $1,000 prizes

Baja Blast Mtn Dew Energy Sweepstakes

Beverage giant MTN DEW recently released its famous Baja Blast flavor for the MTN DEW Energy drink, featuring vitamins, minerals, citicoline for focus, and a moderate 180mg of caffeine for anytime energy. The product packs the signature Baja Blast tropical lime flavor, and if you head into stores and grab a can between now and September, you could walk away with $1,000 cash.

MTN DEW is running a huge giveaway, where every can of the new Baja Blast MTN DEW Energy drink you purchase puts you in the draw to win $1,000 cash, and they are several chances to win. The way it works is the cans have a ten-digit code that you enter at, and that puts you in the draw to win one of the daily $1,000 prizes that MTN Dew is hosting all the way up until September 4th.

As mentioned, that is a lot of chances for you to win, as we’re not even in July, so that’s a little more than two months’ worth of $1,000 draws. It’s a great way for the brand to encourage energy drink fans to get out and try the new Baja Blast MTN DEW Energy drink, and for those that already enjoy the product and buy it regularly, it’s the potential to be rewarded for your loyalty.