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Candy-like Sour Peach Rings flavor on the way for BEAM’s premium pre-workout

Beam Sour Peach Rings Pre Workout

On Wednesday of next week, premium brand BEAM is rolling out another flavor of its comprehensive pre-workout, which, even without any changes since launch, packs a competitive formula. It comes with a solid 5g of pure citrulline for pumps, 3g of betaine, CarnoSyn quality beta-alanine at a full 3.2g for performance, and 250mg of natural caffeine.

BEAM’s category-named Pre-Workout currently has four options on its menu, all of which taste good, as flavor is something the brand is heavily known for, with the likes of Sour Blue Gummy and Rainbow Candy. Set to make it a total of five in a little less than a week is another undoubtedly tasty experience with a candy-themed Sour Peach Rings Pre-Workout.

Like all of the releases before it, BEAM’s Sour Peach Rings Pre-Workout will be available first through its online store at $45.99 for a tub of 40 half or 20 full servings, with a formula for energy, focus, pumps, and performance.