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Bulk expands the clear fruit-flavored protein trend into a comprehensive post-workout

Bulk Clear Whey All In One

The trend of refreshing, fruit-flavored protein powders has come a long way since the initial straightforward whey isolate supplements, expanding into many other types of protein products. We’ve seen plant-based clear and fruity protein powders, high-calorie mass gainers, balanced meal replacements, and now a comprehensive post-workout from the UK-based brand Bulk.

Expanding its selection of clear-named, fruit-flavored protein supplements is Bulk Clear Whey All In One, featuring a formula specifically to support and improve post-workout recovery, strength, and muscle building. The product is very true to its name, with an all-in-one combination of ingredients, including 29g of protein per serving from premium hydrolyzed whey isolate.

Alongside the respectable dose of protein, Bulk has packed Clear Whey All In One with 17g of carbohydrates from two key sources in Cluster Dextrin and maltodextrin, rounding out with a calorie count of 186. There are a few other features in the supplement to further its post-workout purpose, including unlisted amounts of tried and true creatine monohydrate for strength and power, added BCAAs, and the amino acid glutamine.

To keep things familiar Clear Whey All In One comes in three flavors from Bulk’s Clear Whey Isolate menu in Apple & Blackcurrant, Passionfruit, and Blue Raspberry. The product is available from Bulk’s online store, and it is obviously more expensive than Clear Whey Isolate with all of those features at £24.99 (31.45 USD) for a 20 serving bag or £42.99 (54.10 USD) for 40 servings.