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Chaos and Pain relies on HydroPrime, S7 and arginine in its stackable pump pill

Chaos And Pain Chemical No Pump

Chaos and Pain has been busier than ever in 2022, releasing several all-new supplements, many of them being for categories it’s already competing in but with a newer, more modern approach. Fans that were looking for something relatively simple to stack with their stimulant-powered pre-workout now have that at Chaos and Pain, following this week’s launch of Chemical NO-Pump.

Chemical NO-Pump is Chaos and Pain’s pump-enhancing capsule product, and due to its versatile, stimulant-free formula, it can be combined with other supplements to add or further improve their pump benefits. Each four-capsule serving of the product features a gram each of HydroPrime branded glycerol and arginine, then 75mg of another premium pump ingredient in the S7 blend.

On top of the pump-powering ingredients, Chaos and Pain has added some absorption-enhancing components to Chemical NO-Pump with 10mg of BioPerine and a solid 50mg of reliable Astragin. The latest from the brand isn’t supremely advanced, and that is reflected a bit in its price, with a bottle of 30 servings costing $29.99, and it goes as low as $23.99 in Chaos and Pain’s bulk options.