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First look at Darkside’s more intense-sounding Massacre spin-off of Ultra Pre Extreme

Darkside Massacre

Premium sports nutrition company Darkside, available throughout the US and Australia, has passed on a sneak peek at an upcoming product by the name of Massacre. Over the past few years, we’ve watched the brand expand into categories outside of its first two supplements, which were a pre-workout and a fat burner, although Massacre is going to see it head back into one of those areas.

Darkside’s upcoming Massacre is officially titled Ultra Pre Extreme Massacre, as it is a limited edition spin-off of its current mainstream pre-workout Ultra Pre Extreme. The reason it has the additional word “Massacre” attached is that it will have a slightly different set of ingredients compared to the original, making for what we can only assume to be a more hardcore or intense experience.

Ultra Pre Extreme Massacre may have been previewed just this week; however, Darkside is moving swiftly with this and will have it available in its key markets, US and Australia, within the next few weeks. We’ll have details on the ingredients and dosages in the intriguing and mysterious pre-workout soon, and when it does show up in stores, be sure to grab it; as mentioned, it is a limited launch.