Black On Blackberry is returning to G Fuel’s gaming supplement as Doodleberry

Doodleberry G Fuel

Black On Blackberry was one of the earlier flavor collaborations G Fuel put together for its gaming supplement, in partnership with Dr. Disrespect, who is no longer a part of the brand’s roster. G Fuel appears to have discontinued the product at some point but has decided it is going to bring it back, although not under the original name of Black On Blackberry.

Sometime in the near future, G Fuel’s Black On Blackberry is making a comeback as Doodleberry. Despite the difference in name, as far as we can tell, the supplement will feature the same or at least a similar taste to the original Black On Blackberry. We’re not sure if the flavor is returning to the G Fuel energy drink, as the brand has only confirmed Doodleberry for its supplement.

As always, when it eventually arrives, the Doodleberry G Fuel will be available first through the brand’s online store at in bulk tubs of 40 servings, and packing all of the supplement’s usual energy and focus-enhancing ingredients.

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