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Elite Labs shares yet another teaser this time for its upcoming testosterone booster

Elite Labs Teases Metabol

Elite Labs already got more attention going its way last week when it teased what appears to be a new protein supplement, and this was after unveiling three other items in the months prior with Metabolic Mass, Metabolic Amino, and Metabolic Burn. The brand is really pouring it on here in the first half of 2022, as it has dropped an additional teaser, and this is for yet another all-new product.

This time around, we’ve got a bit more information from Elite Labs regarding the mysterious supplement in its teaser, unlike the potential protein powder, which was just the picture. The brand has said this will flat out be a testosterone-boosting muscle builder, featuring a variety of ingredients in capsule format, and by the sounds of things, the official name of the product is Metabol.

With each supplement Elite Labs has teased and revealed, it is building more and more towards a completely new, complete series of products spanning many of the popular categories. Metabol continues that by giving Elite Labs’ Meta-named, yellow-branded supplements a test-boosting competitor, with more details on this and the protein-looking products coming shortly.