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Europe’s ESN creates another Crank pre-workout specifically for soccer players

Esn Crank Soccer Pro

Crank is a supplement that has seen many versions from the popular European brand ESN, with the original pre-workout Crank, the pump-powering Crank Pump and Crank Pump Pro, and Crank Focus. Joining that growing list of variants this month is Crank Soccer Pro, designed specifically, as the name suggests, for soccer players as well as any other performance style training.

ESN’s Crank Soccer Pro is somewhat similar to the regular Crank, but not as intense on the stimulant side of things and packed with more ingredients for endurance and recovery. The heaviest component of the supplement is a solid 35g of carbohydrates to fuel a lasting performance, with other fitting features in creatine monohydrate at 5g for strength and power, and 2g of beta-alanine.

Crank Soccer Pro also comes with 2g of citrulline malate, a moderate 200mg of caffeine for a nice lift in energy, electrolytes to support hydration and further help with endurance, and a combined 4.4g of eight of the nine EAAs, including 2.5g of BCAAs, to support muscle protein synthesis and improve muscle recovery.

ESN’s latest and fifth overall Crank-named pre-workout supplement is available now in its home country of Germany and the European market in the one flavor to start with a sweet and citrusy Orange Mango. With such a hefty amount of carbohydrates, the serving size is rather heavy, and in turn, the tub, at 2.15lbs. Not too surprisingly, it doesn’t have that many servings with half of the usual 30 at 15.