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Halo Top creates the world’s most expensive pint of ice cream for its birthday

Halo Top Most Expensive Pint Of Ice Cream

Alongside celebrating its impressive tenth anniversary this year, frozen functional food company Halo Top reformulated its signature pints of healthy, high-protein ice cream. The changes were implemented to give the product a creamier consistency, bringing it closer to traditional sugar-loaded ice cream, all while still keeping its light and lean nutrition profile.

To further celebrate its tenth birthday, Halo Top has created the most expensive pint of ice cream in the world, and you can figure out pretty quickly why it’s the most expensive by simply looking at it. The brand has taken a tub of Birthday Cake Halo Top ice cream and covered it in $10,000 worth of jewels, and it’s as colorful as the Birthday Cake ice cream is on the inside with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Halo Top hasn’t just created its luxurious pint of Birthday Cake ice cream to hold on to; it is, in fact, giving it away to one lucky super fan. From today until the 14th of next month, Halo Top wants fans to post an entertaining birthday photo or video on Instagram or TikTok. You’ll need to wear a Halo Top pint as a birthday hat in the post and use the hashtags #HaloTopBirthdayHat and #contest, and tag Halo Top’s account.

Halo Top has done some unique and intriguing things over the years, both on shelves and promotionally, and that obviously hasn’t changed with its $10,000 pint of Birthday Cake ice cream for its birthday. This is well and truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so if you’re a diehard Halo Top fan, get to work on creating your social media post and share it before July 14th.

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