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Happy Way turns familiar boba teas into flavors of whey-based protein powder

Happy Way Boba Tea Collection

Australian lifestyle supplement company Happy Way is known for stepping outside of the lines when it comes to flavors, definitely putting together its fair share of unique options. At the beginning of next week, it is giving fans not one or two, but three intriguing new flavors of protein powder, all of which come under its Boba Tea Protein Powder Collection.

Happy Way’s latest flavor creations are, of course, all familiar Boba Tea tastes and look to deliver their individual experiences in a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, and almost no sugar shake. The three flavors in the Boba Tea Collection are Matcha Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, and Thai Milk Tea, all made with different sets of ingredients to nail their specific tastes.

For example, in the Matcha Milk Tea protein powder, Happy Way has put actual matcha green tea, and in Taro Milk Tea, there is taro powder. All of the products in the Boba Tea Protein Powder Collection are going to be dairy-based with whey concentrate and skim milk powder to provide a solid 20g of protein per serving and a lean calorie count of around 120.

Once again, Happy Way is dropping its Boba Tea Protein Powder Collection on Monday through its official online store at The flavors will be available in the brand’s bulk bags, which typically weigh half a kilogram and carry a regular price of $46.65 (33.84 USD), although we don’t know if those details will be the same for the Boba Tea flavors.

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