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Second standalone HTLT product puts beta-alanine into a tub of bulk powder

Htlt Beta Alanine

Greg Doucette’s growing brand HTLT does have straightforward supplements in its lineup, although most of its products are complex and feature advanced formulas. The brand has a standalone unflavored creatine monohydrate supplement as well as its first-ever release, FibrO IMO Powder, only featuring the low-calorie sweetener isomaltooligosaccharide or IMO for short.

HTLT is adding to the simpler side of its selection this week with another unflavored bulk product, similar to its creatine monohydrate, and this one is also commonly found in pre-workouts. HTLT now gives fans the ability to take beta-alanine however they please in its simply named Beta Alanine, featuring 60 servings of 3.2g of the performance and endurance-supporting ingredient.

HTLT’s versatile Beta Alanine lets you take beta-alanine by itself, on or off your training days; combine it with other supplements lacking the ingredient; or add it to a stack that already has beta-alanine to increase your intake. Beta Alanine is a basic product, and it doesn’t cost all that much from the brand’s website at $29.99 a tub, or grab three at a discounted $25 each.

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