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Introducing Total XP and its lean puff protein snack marketed to gamers

Total Xp Protein Crunch

As we’ve said many times before, we always enjoy seeing new and different functional food companies and products, especially when it’s something outside of what we typically see. That is precisely what Total XP and its debut snack, Protein Crunch, are. While the product isn’t a format or style we haven’t seen before, the way the brand has gone about things in its marketing is what helps it stand out.

If you’re at all familiar with gaming, the name, Total XP, will already be saying plenty to you. While the brand doesn’t make it overly obvious or say it much, it subtly markets its high-protein snack, Protein Crunch, to those in the world of gaming. Not only is the name an indicator, but it promotes the use of its product while gaming, and it’s partnered with other gaming brands for giveaways, such as Neonburst.

It is quite refreshing to see the approach Total XP is taking with its currently only product, as opposed to pitching it exclusively to those that live the fitness lifestyle or hit the gym on a regular basis. As for details on Total XP’s on-the-go Protein Crunch, it is a puff-style milk-based product that comes in small 24g packs, and they provide a respectable amount of protein.

Total Xp Protein Crunch

The nutrition profile of Total XP’s Protein Crunch starts with 13g of protein, which is a lot considering its size, with only 4g of carbohydrates, a gram of that sugar, 4.1g of fat, and 105 calories, making for a leaner snack compared to your common protein bar. Those macros vary slightly across the product’s three classic flavors; Epic Cheese, Smoky BBQ, and Chilli Hotness made with actual chili, cayenne, and bell pepper.

Total XP is a European-based functional food company, and it has three flavors of Protein Crunch available for purchase through its online store. The product is reasonably priced at £19.99 (25.06 USD) for a box of 12 snack-sized bags, and there is a variety option that gets you four of each flavor for that same £19.99. To make it even more worth trying, if you grab two boxes, Total XP does not charge for shipping.

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