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Joyburst also coming out with an alcoholic seltzer in partnership with Vanilla Ice

Joyburst Vanilla Ice Party Seltzer

No Sugar Co recently released a special edition flavor of its sugar-free and zero-calorie Joyburst energy drink named Vanilla Ice. The product was put together in partnership with the iconic rapper of the same name, Vanilla Ice. The partnership uniquely expands outside of the beverage, too, as the brand and Vanilla Ice also created a song and music video inspired by the Joyburst energy drink.

It turns out there is even more to the collaboration between No Sugar Co, Joyburst, and Vanilla Ice. Set to follow the launch of the Vanilla Ice flavor of the Joyburst energy drink is going to be an alternative version for a different kind of experience. Coming to select stores in the US is the alcoholic beverage, Joyburst Vanilla Ice Party Seltzer, featuring the same flavor as the energy drink but as a seltzer.

Those already familiar with No Sugar Co and its Joyburst family of drinks, will know that there isn’t a seltzer currently available from the brand, making the Vanilla Ice Party Seltzer a first for Joyburst. There is no specific timeframe for the rollout of the Vanilla Ice-flavored Joyburst Party Seltzer, only that it’s coming soon, and again, the alcoholic variant will be available at select retailers in the US.