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Legion introduces stackable pre-workouts to elevate energy and performance

Legion Energy And Performance Surge

Legion has revealed and released two new supplements that are designed to be stacked with its popular and comprehensive pre-workout Pulse. The products are named Energy Surge and Performance Surge, and aim to provide the primary benefit mentioned in their title, or if you’re stacking them with a supplement like Pulse, they intend to elevate those specific areas of the experience.

Legion’s Energy Surge features a handful of B vitamins, a solid dose of taurine at 2g, 250mg of rhodiola, 100mg of Suntheanine branded theanine, and 100mg of caffeine. When stacked with the brand’s primary pre-workout Pulse, that’ll certainly make for a more energizing experience, as the caffeine will go from 350mg up to a combined and much stronger 450mg.

Legion Energy Surge Label

Performance Surge, true to its name, is Legion’s performance-powering product that, again, can be used by itself or in combination with a pre-workout like Pulse to support endurance as well as mood and cognition. The ingredients included in Performance Surge are 300mg of alpha-GPC for the cognition benefits, a full dose of the premium, multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha, and another branded component with a solid 450mg of the clinically proven Peak ATP.

Legion Performance Surge Label

Legion is selling Energy Surge and Performance Surge on its website at $34.99 for tubs of 30 servings, and they’re unflavored, making them easier to stack with other supplements. The brand also has stacks where you can get Pulse with either product at $67.99, or Pulse with Energy and Performance Surge at $98.99, which saves you 10% compared to purchasing them separately.