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‘Merica Labz squeezes a gram of turk into its latest muscle builder Hollow Point

Merica Labz Hollow Point

‘Merica Labz highly anticipated turkesterone-powered muscle-building supplement Hollow Point has arrived, and it features all of the ingredients confirmed a couple of months ago. While we say the product is turkesterone-based, there is actually a bit more in it than turk, and in typical ‘Merica Labz style, Hollow Point packs more than your average dose of the main ingredient.

To support muscle strength and size, ‘Merica Labz Hollow Point comes with a solid one gram of ajuga turkestanica, providing the usual 10% of turkesterone. That dose is twice the common 500mg per serving, and the combination doesn’t stop there. To further help build muscle, the brand has thrown in 300mg of epicatechin and 10mg of BioPerine black pepper to improve absorption.

As mentioned, the formula in Hollow Point is the premium twist we’ve come to expect in the categories ‘Merica Labz decides to tackle, and it’s great to see the brand keeping that theme alive after the many years it’s been available. A regular bottle of Hollow Point is $59.99 through the brand’s website, but if you head there this week, you can get two for a discounted $50 a piece.