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‘Merica Labz upcoming Hollow Point will combine turkesterone and epicatechin

Merica Labz Hollow Point

It’s almost every week we’ve been sharing a new turkesterone-based, muscle-building supplement, whether it be from an up-and-coming brand or one that already uses turkesterone in one of their other products. However, it’s not often we see larger supplement companies get in on the trend, which is what happened last week with MAN Sports’ announcement of Ecdyturk, and now ‘Merica Labz has revealed its competitor.

Hollow Point will be ‘Merica Labz entry in the turkesterone side of the muscle-building category, although as you’d expect from the patriotic brand, that’s not all you’re getting in the product. ‘Merica Labz is combining turkesterone with another popular anabolic ingredient in epicatechin, with the brand saying you get full dosages of both in every serving, so likely around the usual 500mg of ajuga turkestanica for 10% turkesterone.

‘Merica Labz combination of ingredients in Hollow Point is much the same as Chaos and Pain’s recently released Chemical-TE, which has those same two muscle-building ingredients in turkesterone and epicatechin. The brand sounds like it’ll be launching Hollow Point sometime soon, although it still has other items coming down the pipeline, such as the promising, high-powered pre-workout F-Bomb Red, White, and Boom.