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Misfits very recently-released Protein Cereal extends its menu to three

Misfits Choc Caramel Protein Cereal

Despite Misfits only just releasing the first-ever product outside of its original hit plant-based protein bar with Protein Cereal, it is already back, adding to the fresh new functional food by way of another flavor. The UK-based brand launched Protein Cereal in May with two flavors, Chocolate and Chocolate Cinnamon, and packing a respectable 14g of protein per serving and 151 calories.

Misfits Protein Cereal has been given a third flavor to close out the week, seeing that initial pair of Chocolate and Chocolate Cinnamon joined by another chocolatey creation. Making the product’s menu 50% bigger in a month since its debut is Chocolate Caramel, blending a rich chocolate taste and sweet caramel into a puff-style cereal, providing that same 14g of protein and 151 calories.

You can grab Misfits’ Chocolate Caramel Protein Cereal from its online store at £15 (18.35 USD) for a bundle of two boxes, both in one flavor. The brand has also switched up its variety pack from its initial launch, as instead of coming with three boxes, it has two for the same £15, and to go with the flavor extension, the options are now Chocolate Cinnamon and Chocolate Caramel.

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