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Misfits Protein Cereal Review: Classic cereal crunch but light on flavor

Misfits Protein Cereal Review

Plant-based brand Misfits recently came out with its second-ever product to go alongside its original hit protein snack, the protein-packed Misfits Protein Bar. That product was Misfits Protein Cereal, featuring a respectable nutrition profile, similar in fact, to its bar, with 14g of protein in a 40g serving, 3.8g of fat, 5g of net carbohydrates, less than a gram of sugar, and a calorie count of 151.

Misfits launched its Protein Cereal in two flavors, Chocolate and Chocolate Cinnamon, which we snapped up following their launch to see how they measure up against the many other high-protein cereals on the market. There is a growing mountain of functional products in the cereal format, and many of them are incredibly on point and enjoyable, so Misfits Protein Cereal has its work cut out for it.

Misfits Protein Cereal Review


The way to have Misfits Protein Cereal is like any cereal; pour some into a bowl, top it off with some plant-based milk as this is a vegan-friendly snack, and enjoy it as per usual. Before the Misfits product, we’d never had a protein-packed cereal that’s plant-powered. We were expecting a similar difference to things like plant protein bars and powders; however, that is not the case at all in this one.

There is no earthy flavor or aftertaste that would have you thinking the Misfits Protein Cereal is vegan-friendly. The standout feature is the crunch, as it nails a crispy consistency as well as you could want. Each spoonful takes next to no effort to bite through, chew, and get down, and while the milk does obviously help with that, we have had protein cereals that are the opposite in the same situation.

Misfits Protein Cereal Review

As for the taste of the Misfits Protein Cereal, that is where we have to knock it down a bit. While the texture is great, the individual flavors don’t last all that long, only hanging around in your mouth for a few seconds. The Chocolate is more of a hint of chocolate, and it isn’t that obvious if you don’t know what you’re eating; the Chocolate Cinnamon is stronger, although only in terms of cinnamon.

The taste of whatever milk you’re having — oat, rice, or cashew — really trumps the flavors of Chocolate and Chocolate Cinnamon Misfits Protein Cereal. You get more sweetness from the milk than the cereal, except for, again, the moments where the flavors stand out enough to identify, but it is a brief moment until it’s back to the strength in flavor from the milk.

Misfits Protein Cereal Review


While we criticize the actual taste of Misfits Protein Cereal as it doesn’t hit the mark anywhere near as well as the category-leading Magic Spoon and the likes of Schoolyard Snacks, it is still very enjoyable. As mentioned, the crunchy consistency is on point, feeling like regular cereal, and with naturally great-tasting milk, you won’t feel too bad with the lack of flavor fullness, and there is no off-taste to worry about.

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