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Body Science doesn’t go with many traditional flavors in its low-calorie sauce

Mm Sports Body Science Zero Sauce

MM Sports’ house brand Body Science has joined the mountain of sports nutrition companies in Europe with a line of low-calorie sauces in the simply named Zero Sauce. If you follow Stack3d at all, you’ll know this is a common type of product in Body Science’s part of the world, and its entry into the space is much like many of the others, keeping the nutrition incredibly low while still providing a great taste and a variety of flavors.

Body Science’s Zero Sauce comes in four flavors with Sambal, Tomato & Basil, Curry, and Smokey BBQ, so as you can see, only one or maybe two are traditional sauce options. The macros, as mentioned, are impressively light with under half a gram of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and only three calories a serving. You can grab the product from MM Sports at 39 kr (3.83 USD) or as low as 31.5 kr (3.10 USD) in the six-bottle bundle.