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Naughty Boy previews its upcoming pack-style multivitamin Life Pac

Naughty Boy Life Pac Multivitamin

A multivitamin is a type of supplement many individuals include in their monthly sports nutrition stacks, whether it’s one they trust and have been taking for years or something new and advanced. Several major companies in the industry have something for the category, from cost-effective options all the way up to high-priced comprehensive multivitamins, which is what we’re about to get from Naughty Boy.

Our two-time International Brand Of The Year, Naughty Boy, has shared a teaser of an upcoming supplement that it has been kind enough to provide additional information on, outside of what’s in the graphic. You can see a shot of the mysterious product in the image above, which is officially titled Life Pac, the same as one of the four supplements from the brand’s Winter Soldier Series, although this will have a different formula.

Naughty Boy’s original Life Pac, under its Winter Soldier Series, was an advanced, packed-out health and wellness product designed to support immunity, hydration, eye and cardiovascular health, and a few other areas of wellness. The Life Pac confirmed this week is going to be more in that multivitamin category; however, like the Winter Soldier Life Pac, it’ll have several other ingredients for a comprehensive wellness supplement.

Something you can see in the teaser of Naughty Boy’s all-new Life Pac is it is going to combine all of the pills that make up a serving into small packs, similar, of course, to the original Animal Pak. We’ll hopefully have more information on the product soon and certainly look forward to seeing what the brand brings together in this one as it continues to fill out its selection of sports nutrition supplements.