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Pre Jym X Review: Stronger performance and significantly better pumps

Pre Jym X Review

Jim Stoppani’s supplement brand Jym started way back in 2013 with its original, fully-dosed, comprehensive pre-workout Pre Jym, and it has remained unchanged over the several years it’s been available. For 2022 the brand decided it was time to step things up with a more extreme pre-workout in Pre Jym X, not replacing Pre Jym, but available alongside it as a more premium alternative.

We stopped by a local GNC and picked up the second-ever Jym pre-workout shortly after it launched to put it through its paces and see how it stands up to the competition and, more importantly, how it compares to the original. The formula behind the product is really the regular Pre Jym taken a step further, featuring many of the same key components, with added ingredients and dosages to strengthen the areas it already focused on.

Pre Jym X Review


Pre Jym has mostly been promoted as a pre-workout to push your performance and improve your workout for better results in the gym. Pre Jym X takes that approach up a notch in an extremely balanced and well-rounded fashion. Essentially, all of the areas that Pre Jym supports, such as energy, focus, pumps, performance, and strength, are what Pre Jym X drives but better.

The performance and endurance is the standout area for us in Pre Jym X, and that was always what we remember most from the original as well. It gives you the fuel and drive to go rep after rep and maximize every set without taking away from whatever you have next on the program. It genuinely elevates your output, where you’ll find you can do a few more sets to failure than you’re used to or more exercises going up to or beyond your limits.

Pre Jym X Review

Pre Jym X does have a much-improved pump effect compared to Pre Jym, as it wasn’t ever all that noticeable for us, but that changes in Jym’s extreme pre-workout. The supplement efficiently fills out your muscles for a dense and intense pump, although most importantly, it’s never too much. Some pre-workouts provide a fullness that makes it a little bit difficult to focus on performance and strength, which is not a line Pre Jym X crosses.

Lastly, we have the stimulating side of Jim Stoppani’s Pre Jym X, backed by the same amount of caffeine as Pre Jym. Not surprisingly, it kicks in with a similar strength; however, the energy feels a bit more sustained in Pre Jym X, and the focus is a touch more obvious. Much like the pump effect, the energy and focus are never too strong or intense to take your attention away from the performance-powering aspect of the pre-workout; if anything, their smoothness complements the experience perfectly.

Pre Jym X Review


If you’re looking for something to drive more performance, strength, and overall output from your workout, then Pre Jym X is worth picking up, even more so if you ever used and enjoyed the original Pre Jym. It’s not about hard-hitting, intense stimulation; it’s a smooth, driving pre-workout to help you lift more, do more, and get more out of your workout with the better pump also adding to the experience by way of that classic painful pump sensation.