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Protein World follows Pure Energy with a product to get a better night’s sleep

Protein World Deep Sleep

Lifestyle sports nutrition company Protein World recently came out with something further into the world of functional supplements than its usual protein-based powders like Slender Blend and Slender Mug Cake Mix. The product is simply named Pure Energy, and it is designed to provide feel-good energy anywhere and anytime you need it. Protein World has followed that up with another simply-named supplement in Deep Sleep.

Much like Pure Energy, Protein World’s Deep Sleep describes its primary focus in its name, with a product designed to support and improve sleep. Another detail Deep Sleep has in common with Pure Energy, is it doesn’t rely on too many ingredients. To help you get a better night’s sleep, Protein World has packed the supplement with 2g of glycine, 500mg of magnesium bisglycinate, 100mg each of valerian root and chamomile, and 300mg of theanine.

Protein World Deep Sleep is certainly not a complex or loaded nighttime product, especially compared to other supplements in the UK with a similar focus, such as Brain Gains’ powerhouse Switch Off and Switch Off Black. The latest from Protein World is relatively expensive for its five ingredient formula, costing £30 (36.58 USD) for a bottle of 22 servings, which is intended to last one month as the brand directs you to only use it on weekdays.