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Slender Blend combines vanilla and caramel for its latest limited time flavor

Protein World Vanilla Caramel Slender Blend

Protein World is back in the headlines again this week, revealing and releasing another flavor extension for its flagship protein powder, or technically meal replacement shake, Slender Blend. The supplement typically packs a good amount of protein, anywhere from 20 to 25g, with a reasonably high carbohydrate count at around 10g, added vitamins and minerals, and reasonable calories.

One of the key highlights of Protein World’s Slender Blend is the fact it has a lot of flavors to choose from, 22 to be exact, with this week’s release making that 23, but it is only temporary. The latest limited edition creation from the UK-based Protein World is a combination of sweet tastes in a Vanilla Caramel Delight Slender Blend, providing a hefty 24g of protein and a moderate 150 calories.

You can grab the Protein World product straight from its online store at £54 (67.44 USD) for Slender Blend’s large 1.8kg bag, with no availability of its one third smaller 1.2kg. The brand’s usual subscription service is also an option for the new Vanilla Caramel Delight Slender Blend, where you sign up to receive the supplement every 30 days and get a strong discount at £37.50 (46.83 USD) a bag.