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Protein-brand Protyze drops a pure and cost-effective coffee powder

Protyze Instant Coffee

Indian brand Protyze popped up on our radar for the first time last year when it brought the refreshing, fruit-flavored protein powder trend to its country in the supplement, Anytime Clear Whey Protein. The sports nutrition company has brought out another all-new product this month, its first since the debut of Clear Whey Protein, with something a little simpler and self-explanatory in Instant Coffee.

Protyze Instant Coffee is precisely that, a straightforward instant coffee with nothing in it but pure coffee powder. The brand makes a point of mentioning that it has no chicory root or malt, making for a pure and clean coffee product that you mix with water and milk, and it’s good to go. Another highlight of the new Instant Coffee is its price, as Protyze has kept it very competitive and cost-effective.

Directly from the Protyze online store, Instant Coffee will cost you just ₹375 (4.83 USD) for a full-size 250g tub, which is enough powder for you to make as many as 124 great-tasting cups of coffee.

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