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ShakeSphere infuses its tumbler with gel capsules to keep your shake colder for longer

Shakesphere Tumbler Cooler Shaker

Premium shaker company ShakeSphere has been busy these past couple of months, with the release of its incredibly convenient and innovative Portable Blender attachment and its giant tumbler shaker jug. The UK-based company has also come out with another type of bottle, more like its flagship tumbler shaker but with an awesome added feature that you don’t get in the original.

ShakeSphere has crafted a double-wall variant of its tumbler shaker designed to keep your beverage colder for significantly longer. The brand has actually stuffed food-safe gel capsules in between the walls that freeze and expand to lock in the cold temperature. You can see the capsules in the tumbler shaker’s clear color with four other options, including colorful ombre designs.

ShakeSphere’s aptly named Tumbler Cooler Shaker has all of the highlights its regular tumbler bottle has, with the double-wall and gel capsule feature on top. The added benefit of keeping your contents colder for longer does come at a much higher price compared to ShakeSphere’s original tumbler shaker, as it costs £50 (61.25 USD) versus £20 for the standard version.

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