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Final group of exhibitors announced for the 2022 edition of the Stack3d Expo

Stack3d Expo Exhibitor Reveal

Today we have our last set of names to reveal for this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, although there are a few others yet-to-be-shared that’ll be coming in with a surprise showing. We’ve announced several supplement companies set to appear at our annual online-only event when it goes live on Monday the 11th Of July, with today being more about the premium ingredient brands you can expect to see there.

The high-quality ingredient companies exhibiting at this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo include Nutrition21, known for the pump-powering Nitrosigine and protein-enhancing Velositol, and the premium beta-alanine brand CarnoSyn. The innovative Ingredient Optimized is another one, and Nuliv, which fans will be familiar with for its many popular compounds, such as InnoSlim, Senactiv, and, of course, the absorption enhancer AstraGin.

Other companies we’re announcing today for the Stack3d Supplement Expo are the reliable manufacturer Armada Nutrition and the supplement brands Darkside, 5% Nutrition, and ASC Supplements. All of those named, as well as the many others from the past few weeks, will have something intriguing, exciting, and interesting for you to check out and interact with at the Stack3d Supplement Expo, once again, going live on the 11th of July.

As a brief rundown, there is nothing you need to pay or have prepared for the Stack3d Supplement Expo; simply visit on that launch date, July 11th, and enjoy the event. It is a website that’s online for seven days with a collection of announcements, reveals, releases, deals, giveaways, introductions, and more, and you can view it from any device, phone, tablet, laptop, and so on, and from absolutely anywhere in the world.

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